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Financial services

Advanced financial services

The Dentadmin3 dental software includes an integrated invoicing module. After storing the treatments the system, is able to draw automatically (optional language and currency) the offical, current invoice relevant to the legislation.

Healt funds management

The billig addresses of the health funds in Hungary are stored in the software. The health fund and menber code can be set on patient chart, so by pushing a button the proper invoce format is set.

Multiple payment methods

The invoicing module support s cash, credit cards, wire trasnfer, health fund card, and possibly vouchers for payments as well.

Accountancy software interface

With the usage of some popular accounting and  corporate management system interface the administrative costs and other accounting costs can be reduced. Those software which are not fitted in, our company can fit in for a low fee for you.

Diversified statistical queries

Are you interested in how many treatments have your colleague done and how much income they have proceeded?Would you like to know how many implantation has been built in from one type? How many percent of the income has the german patient mediater agency brought and how much has it cost for you? The answer for this question (and for similar ones) in the Dentadmin 3 is only a click.

Hungarian invoice image
Check out how the official Hungarian accounting standards appropriate invoice looks like, which has been issued from the system.
The list of the health funds within the software
The software supports invoices to the health funds.

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