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Dental tourism

The support of the dental tourism

Quotaion, check in optional language and currency
The software according to your needs can define foreign-language treatments, as each nation a separate quotations. The program can print out for example a german check from the hungarian treatment plan, thanks to the flexibility of the system.

Free access to the language templates

Ha nincs ideje a többnyelvű fordításokkal bíbelődni, használja az általunk a szoftverbe beépített nyelvi eszközkészleteket.

Safe and cost efficiency plan

The Dentadmin 3 dentistry software is hungary's first fully integrated which can manage the German insurance companies requirement for the quotation price templates, one quotation = 60 seconds.

Dentadmin3 Dental TourismManaging mediator agencies, efficiency payoff

In your dentist office if foreign agencies, patient mediator agencies send patients, handle the complicated and time consuming monthly payoffs with one button from now on!

Automatic currency query, and conversions

You invoice in euro and the patient pays through hungarian bank account? For the Dentadmin 3 is not a problem, because the check at the MNB's middle exchange rate system will automatically replace the sum, making the receptionsts' life easier.

Marketing messages sent to the patient's own language

Ön egy vagyont fizet ki marketing cégeknek internetes hirdetésekért, marketing kampányokért? A rendszer intelligens marketing modulja pontosan ismeri, melyik pacienst mikor kell értesíteni és a megfelelő nyelven email-ben, vagy sms-ben meg is teszi.

Patient cardboard
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